Why travel

Why travel TO CHITKUL?

"14,930 ft"

To change the gears of your life and revel at a more leisurely pace, to rejuvenate and refresh yourself, to feed the passion of adventure in your soul, to bask in the beauty of nature at close quarters and to tap into the harmony that exists at Chitkul.

Major Chitkul Highlights that deliver on the above benefits and are guaranteed to make you sigh:

  • It is at a height of ‘14,930 ft’. And as is well established, nothing beats the view from the top!
  • To visit a place that can charm you by sound alone, is what describes “Chitkul” – the name in itself sounds like the twitter of birds.
  • It‘s unique location. Situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Chitkul has the distinction of being the last inhabited village close to the Indo-Tibet border. It marks the boundary where the Indian roads come to an end.
  • The Village itself. Filled with small huts and houses made of wooden planks, Chitkul also houses a number of Buddhist temples in and around the village. It is surrounded by fields of wild yellow flowers and lush vegetation which act as balm to the eyes. Its rustic setting and simplicity of life and vibrant culture offers a once in a lifetime memorable experience.

So to experience life from a different lens visit Chitkul! It awaits your presence in its unassuming and welcoming way.