Things to do in

Things to do in Chitkul

Mathi Temple

Mathi Temple is dedicated to ‘Mathi', the Goddess of the local people of Kinnaur. The complex in which the Mathi Temple is situated houses three other temples too. Among these, the oldest one is believed to be constructed by a resident of Garhwal around five hundred years ago. The temple has a special feature that is worth seeing. It houses an ark made of walnut wood, which is covered with clothes and a tuft of yak tail. The ark is carried around with the support of two poles inserted into it.


According to popular legend, Mathi, the wife of Lord Badrinath once started her journey from Brindavan via Mathura her final destination being Barua Khad. Some time later, she came to Garhwal via Sirmour and reached Sarhan in Bushahr. While going beyond Barua Khad, she found that the land was divided into seven parts. To protect these lands she appointed Narenas, her nephew and the local the deity of Shuang Village as the guard of the village. Later when she moved towards the Chasu Village, she again appointed Narenas as the guard, as he was also the local deity worshipped by the people of Chasu. Further, she visited Kamru Fort, where Badri Nath was appointed as the protector of the throne of Bushahr. In this process the goddess protected all seven regions of this valley. At long last she reached Chitkul and settled down in Mathi Temple. After her arrival at Chitkul, the village saw prosperous times. People grew food in plentiful and lived happy healthy lives.

Rejoice at Baspa River Banks

Baspa originates from the Baspa Hills and subsequently joins the mighty Satluj. As it meanders its way through the hills it offers a plethora of scenic views at every step. The upper and middle slopes of the valley along the river are richly covered with pine and oak forests. Whereas the lower side of the valley is overspread with green fields, meadows and pastures. The upper terrains also have the mesmerizing view of the snow-covered mountains, which can be seen from the river. The Baspa River is famously regarded as ‘Anglers' Heaven’ because of the vast variety of fishes found here making it a big attraction for campers and trekkers alike. Another interesting and worth trying feature of the Baspa River is the unique boat used by locals to cross the river. The boat is shaped like a basket and is also used to give rides to tourists along the river amongst beautiful hills and valleys. The people who come here, primarily love to engage in sightseeing and eating delicious Tibetan food, along with indulging themselves in shopping of handicrafts and more.

Chitkul Fort

The architecture of the Chitkul Fort resembles a watchtower. Covered with intricate wooden carvings, the fort is one of the main attractions of the small village of Chitkul just after the Chitkul Temple Complex

Hydro flour mill in Chitkul

Even though Chitkul might be the last human settlement on the old trade route, they too use impressive technology that utilizes the renewable resources around them for greater good. One example of such technology is the Hydro Power Flour Mill. Created in a small settlement, it is used by villagers to draw Hydro Power that is used to operate the flour mill. Apart from its practical application, it is a great learning experience to watch it in action.

Things to do in Chitkul