Things to do in Kinnaur

Things to do in Kinnaur

Rakcham Chitkul Sanctuary

Rakcham Chitkul Sanctaury is a popular attraction in Kinnaur. It is situated between Sangla Valley and Chitkul and counted among the few popular wildlife reserves of Himachal Pradesh. The reserve forest is spread over an area of 34sq km and tends to be a heaven for the trekkers and nature lovers. There are several trekking routes that pass through this sanctuary among which Lamkhanga Pass is the most famous as it connects Kinnaur with the Gangotri Glacier of Himachal Pradesh. The sanctuary does not experience monsoon as it lies under dry zone and that is why travellers can explore this reserve forest all through the year. The vegetation covering the forest are mostly of dry deciduous category. The wildlife includes Leopard, Blue Sheep, Goral, Musk Deer, Himalayan and Black Bear. Several trekking camps are arranged by the tour operators in and around this sanctuary. There are couple of temples around this reserve forest which can be delight for the believers.


Nako is found at the east end of Kinnaur Valley and can be called almost the last attraction on the way to Malling Nullah. Malling Nullah is located in between Kinnaur and Spiti Valley and one of the most happening travel destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Nako lies on the region close to Tibbetan Border and travellers thus need to possess inner line permit to travel to this region. Inner line permits are required for the foreign nationals for overnight stay in any part of the village Nako.As the village is very small in its area, one can easily explore the hidden gems of this village on foot. The major attraction of Nako Village is the Nako Lake which is located amidst extremely hilly terrains. Close to this lake one can get to see four Buddhist monasteries and a huge footlike impression.

Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary

A must see tourist spot for the solitude lovers and avid worshipper of nature, Lipa Asrang Sanctuary is around at a height of 4,000 to 5,022 m. The sanctuary is spread over an area of around 30.89 sq km. The variety of flora found in this sanctuary includes dry coniferous forest, dry alpine scrub, dwarf juniper scrub, dry broad leaves, western Himalayan temperate forest, and coniferous forest.The most commonly found fauna in this sanctuary are Yak, Leopard, Ibex, Goral, Brown Bear, Blue Sheep, Himalayan black Beer, Musk Deer etc. Random tourists are not allowed to enter this sanctuary. So they need to take prior permission to explore the sanctuary.


Ribba is a populous village in Kinnaur district, which is situated at an elevation of 3745m above sea level. The village is known for the abundance of Pine Nut or Chilgoza. Ribba is better known as Rirang and it is believed that the village got its name due to the plenty of Pine Nut as according to the local dialect, Ri means Chilgoza (Pine nut) and Rang means Mountain peak. Ribba is an ideal place for nature lovers as it is dotted with fruit orchards and vineyards.