Beautiful Chitkul


Sangla Meadows are perfect green verdant meadows that are very refreshing and rejuvenating. Also called Sangla Kanda, these meadows surrounded by snowcapped mountains, offer open and sunny areas that attract many animals. This place offers breathtaking views of Kinner Kailash mountain peak.


Chitkul Village Is The Last Inhabited Village Situated Near Indo-Tibet Border At A Distance Of 20 Km From Sangla. This Village Lies On The Right Bank Of River Baspa. The Most Popular Attraction Of This Village Is The Temple Of Local Goddess ‘Chitkul Maathi’ Also Known As ‘Mata Devi’. People Of The Entire Kinnaur District Come To Worship At This Temple. Chitkul Also Experiences Heavy Snowfall During Winters, Due To Which It Also Becomes Completely Un-Inhabited.


Baspa is a tributary to Sutlej river. The Baspa River rises near the Indo-Tibetan border and is fed by perennial glaciers. It forms the Baspa Valley or the Sangla Valley - one of the most scenic in Himalayas. The slopes near the river have pine and oak forests. There are several picturesque villages which lie in the vicinity, they include, Chitkul, Rakcham, etc.Angling enthusiasts can get to do Trout fishing here. Brown and Rainbow Trouts are found here in plenty.


Bering Nag Temple is the most famous temple in the Sangla region of Kinnaur district and sees a plethora of pilgrims during August or September for Fulaich or Phulech Festival.While visiting the temple one should follow norms as told by the priests.Bering Nag Temple is dedicated to snakes that you see around shoulders of Lord Shiva. Temple constructed with just stones and wood has architecture is inspired by Buddhist Pagodas as the region has major influence from Tibetan Buddhism. Temple’s dome is supposedly made of gold and temple is believed to have lot of precious gems as well.


Chitkul might be the last and highest human settlement on the old trade route but it has some pretty interesting places to see. One of them is the Hydro power flour mill which is used by the village rs who are very proud to have it.It has been created in a small settlement and hydro power is used to operate the flour mill.