With a vision to make the Wanderers Nest an experience based and activity oriented lodging, we have introduced the following activities as part of the guest experience at our hotel. You can learn, teach, indulge and enjoy these activities in the vicinity of nature's magnificence for the duration of your stay. Some of these primary activities are:


If anything is more exciting than watching a fishing rod being bent to its limit by a hungry fish, it is the sight of a youngster, grab that rod and fight the fish to the finish! With the river Baspa flowing nearby, we offer the opportunity for Angling as part of the activities at the hotel. The river has plenty of fishes inhabiting its depths including the famous Trout of Himachal. So keep your rods ready and indulge yourself in a lazy afternoon by the river.


Sometimes the most profound experiences can result from the simplest acts. A relaxing and revitalizing Nature Walk can make way for the most amazing inspiration. Getting out in the natural world can help us to understand our place in the universe. As a much encouraged activity at our hotel nature walk is majorly divided into two routes- ones through the village and the other through the surrounding jungles. Our guests who would like a casual stroll, are free to explore the village and enjoy the thought provoking simple life of its inhabitants. Whereas for the more adventurous guests, there are paths which cut through the wilderness of the forests, that give an experience of charting less travelled paths.


If you are looking forward to a mellow, relaxing evening that includes delicious smoked food, good company, lovely cool breeze from the river and a romantic setting then our Open Air Barbeque is an ideal activity for you to treat yourself to. An Open Air Barbeque adds to the whole experience of living in the mountains; it fulfils your epicurean desires, and is reminiscent of a barbeque with a serene and casual mood.

Instrument playing

Guitar players are a different breed of humankind and well sought after at most gatherings! They love nothing more passionately than strumming those strings as if they were made of the most exquisite silk. Understanding this love and in an effort to make their experience more drool worthy, we have made provisions at the hotel for guitars and other instruments for our guests. The aesthetics of playing a guitar gets heightened by the presence of beautiful surroundings. With more people joining in, a jamming session can always make for a great evening.


Painting is a living language, with grammars and nuances that challenge one beyond any other intellectual or creative pursuit that they have ever experienced. The imagination of a painter becomes limitless when it has the beautiful natural surroundings accorded to our guests at Chitkul. To capture the same limitless imagination induced by the stunning untouched nature, our guests are free to make use of the the in-house painting tools.