The Artist Meet


‘The Artist Meet’

“The beauty of nature continues to inspire artists whether it is the array of colors in a sunset or the natural geometry of a pinecone.”

We are pleased to announce “The Artist Meet” to be held in Chitkul Village at The Wanderer’s Nest, where we are providing a platform for travelers to experience the communion of Art & Nature.

We are building our foundation as an experience oriented hotel, which complements the magnificence of nature in the pursuit of liberation from monotonous lives. Our aim is to enrich, enhance and enlighten nature experiences with an essence of art.

During ‘The Artist Meet’, masterpieces would be created by artists through graffiti art and canvas painting, photographers would be capturing the moments and scenic beauty of the place and musicians would be jamming soothing rhythms to express and cause an emotion.
In the nights, there will be open-air barbecue under the light of stars and bonfire, where real stories would be shared. Also, there will be numerous activities like yoga sessions for fitness freaks, fishing on the site of the river with live music and open library for avid readers.

Nothing ever becomes real till it’s experienced, hence we look for great response and glorious memories.

Terms and Conditions

1. The artists would be required to share their piece of art with us and provide us the authorization to publish the same on our social media platforms. The deal will be offered once we validate the authenticity of the artist

2. The free lodging & food will be provided for 2 days only, which can be extended subjected to the discretion of ‘The Wanderer’s Nest’ team

3. All the artists are required to be part of the group activities, interact with other artists and showcase their art among other participants.

4. The artist will be required to feature ‘The Wanderer’s Nest’ on their social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. by putting stories and posts on their respective accounts.

5. No one should participate in the group activities in Drunken state and Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises. We want our guests to be part of the group activities, instead of indulging in Drinking & Smoking activities.

6. Misbehavior of any kind would be condemned and disciplinary action could be taken against the offender