ABOUT Wanderer’s Nest

The Wanderer’s Nest

Surrounded by snow capped mountains, at an altitude of 14,930 ft, in the quaint village of Chitkul, lies the naturally enriched traveller hotspot- The Wanderers Nest. Remotely located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, this nature retreat lies 20 kms from the Sangla Valley. It is a place developed for travellers, to relax and unwind from the grinding stone of everyday life. With the way to the hotel running along the meandering Baspa River, which stretches across the lofty mountains of Kinnaur; travellers are welcomed into the lap of nature by sounds of twittering birds after which the village has got its name- ‘chitkul’.
The Wanderer’s Nest presents all its visiting sightseers,adventurers, and backpackers with the grandeur of nature, without cutting back on the comforts of a hotel. You can enjoy the serenity of the mountains while enjoying in-house facilities and activities like reading, instrument playing, painting, fishing, stargazing and an open air barbeque.
Catered to provide the best experience to its guests, the hotel ensures personal, dedicated service and a travel friendly atmosphere for its visitors.You can indulge your taste buds in a melting pot of international cuisines from the in-house restaurant.
The Wanderers Nest, makes it their top priority to assist you to have a hassle free stay and a mesmerizing experience. We provide comfortable rooms with all amenities, picturesque window views in all directions and numerous activities to help you soak in your environment in comfort. We aim to develop an experience oriented hotel that complements the magnificence of nature and its work through human creativity. We envision ourselves as catalysts that enrich and enhance nature experiences and establish a communion between being and nature in the solitude of Himalayas.
As a primary effort in that direction, we have made the hotel conducive for the works of artists, musicians, writers and similar people in other creative fields. Here you can follow and work on your passions in the peace of the environment, while at the same time indulge in other activities.


We at The Wanderer’s Nest believe in an activity oriented approach to really enjoy the Himalayan wonderland.
Hence, to make our guests make the most of their sojourn to the mountains, we organise various recreational activities for their enjoyment. Whether it is reading a book, trekking, taking up fishing or painting the breathtaking view around, you can find here the tools to create your own life palette and let yourself be free!
With trekking being one of the best way to enjoy true Himalayan Glory, our numerous treks around the Chitkul Village are a highlighted feature of the guest’s experience with us. With multiple other unique and creative pursuits undertaken during the Artists Meet every year our guests enjoy a full activity oriented schedule.
To add to these activities we organise jamming sessions and instrument playing around bonfires to provide the perfect opening for a fun evening under the clear skies. With more such activities at your disposal for your entire stay, we at The Wanderer’s Nest provide a Himalayan adventure like no other. If you are looking for one great himalayan vacation, then here with us, is a great place to start !